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Kaskus sedang error nih. Jadi jika kita mencoba membuka kaskus melalui alamat, maka secara otomatis, kita akan mengalami error.
Tapi jangan khawatir, karena kaskus masih bisa diakses melalui

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Nokia E7 Review

Nokia E7 Review


Nokia E7 Review
Nokia E7 Review
Nokia basically invented the QWERTY-laden business phone with its Communicator Series way back in 1996. Fast forward fifteen years, and we now have the anodized aluminum chassis of the Nokia E7 waving at us, claiming to be an honorable heir of Nokia's enterprise series phones with physical keyboards.

Retaining most of the wonderful features and design cues from the Nokia N8, the E7 just might have the perfect mix of ingredients, with its peculiar looking keyboard, to consider itself as being the next big smartphone from Nokia's camp. Is that really the case? Read on to find out...


The Nokia E7 is essentially a longer and wider version of the Nokia N8, but manages to pack on a landscape keyboard to its 0.54” (13.6mm) sleek anodized aluminum casing. Just grasping it in the hand, there is this enveloping feeling that occurs because it's meticulously well built all around; not to mention resilient in battling normal wear and tear. Furthermore, you can find the Nokia E7 in a variety of colors, from silver to flashy orange.

Nokia E7 Review
Nokia E7 Review
Nokia E7 Review
The Nokia E7 packs a landscape keyboard to its sleek anodized aluminum casing

Nokia E7 Review

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Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

Ancala Country Club

To get the satisfaction and challenges that can stimulate adrenaline, we need a challenging game, and we also want to have unity clubs that inspired it. ancala introduce country club, a community association of people who loved the game of the luxurious and fun. there you can see everything from luxury homes to a luxury playground, all the facilities available there you can play as you like, but must be eligible Ancala Country Club, the rules you should understand is that you also must have share in the ownership of a house there, so you will be one member of the club ancala.

Do not worry, you will definitely get a house or a very special facility there, as you've never imagined before. of a luxury house facilities such as golf courses and others, are all available to you, for your convenience, many customers who are satisfied with buying a house or a facility there. you will get a comfortable atmosphere with beautiful scenery. if you are interested in what they offer you can visit their site at, and you can also get information about them more clearly.

Jumat, 31 Desember 2010

Nokia 5250 Review

Nokia 5250 Review


Nokia 5250 Review
Nokia 5250 Review
The Nokia 5250 is the most budget-friendly smartphone released with the 5xxx branding so far. Without any doubt, this handset is targeting first time smartphone users with its attractive price ($146/€115 without contract), so it doesn't come as a shocking surprise that some compromises were made - for example, it sports a 2.8-inch resistive screen and only 51MB built-in memory, while the lack of some vital features like 3G connection and Wi-Fi can make anyone wonder what's better - to purchase the affordable Nokia 5250 or sacrifice a few more bucks and buy an all-around better low-end smartphone. In all honesty, it's a matter of personal choice, but please read on for our opinion on the matter.

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Jumat, 17 September 2010

Reset Canon Pixma iP1980 or Canon iP1900 series

Although software resetter Canon Pixma iP1980 or resetter canon Pixma iP1900 series not available on the internet now. Doesn’t mean there is no way to reset the printer series. My opinion canon Pixma iP 1980 is new version of Canon Pixma iP 1880 so the reset methode for canon iP 1880 can be applied to Reset Canon iP1980. I also tested using reset methode for Canon iP1700 on it’s work on several Printer Canon iP1900 series.

For permanent reset after doing the manual reset you must using software restter. Software resetter such as iPtool and general tool for canon iP 1800 can be used to reset waste ink counter on the Canon iP1980 and Canon iP1900 series. To reset Waste Ink Tank canon iP1980 or iP1900 series follow this steps:
Press Resume button hold for 1 – 2 minutes
  1. Open the cover
  2. Release the catridge and then put catridge again
  3. Close The Cover
  4. Turn Off
  5. Then Turn On again
CANON PIXMA IP1900 is just a successor of ip1880 PARTS & MANUALS ARE THE SAME but a little bit faster than 1880
  3. click lock release
  4. click ip1800
  5. click device id
  6. clear waste ink counter by clicking MAIN & PLATEN
  7. Check EEPROM Box
  8. Click EEPROM Dump
  9. Test pattern 1
  10. Your Done…
but this is not the end of your problem
EVERYTIME YOU CLEAR WASTE INK COUNTER you have to open your printer
and wash the INK PAD and let it dry it will damage any part of your computer if you
will not do this.

How To Update Adobe Flash on Nokia 5800

To improve the flash quality on your Nokia 5800 phone, you need to update it. Just go to menu > applications > app, and find the Adobe Flash Lite 3.1. With this feature, there are optimized features for web browsing experience more than 90% of the top 500 internet sites. It also has flash 9 support (AS2 only), Local Connection or HTML Text or GetURL_target or CSS support or wmode, H.264 support or improved video support and much more. Don’t forget to back-up your data first before updating to Adobe Flash Lite 3.1.

How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

Smartphone users are always curious about new firmware release for their device because it comes with various bug fixes and new features. These are not always released simultaneously for all regions by the manufacturers so there are ways to accomplish it. We will see how to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S i9000 firmware using Odin Flash tool.

Not just Custom ROMs but officially leaked builds can be used to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S Firmware. First method is using Samsung Kies which can be used only for officially released Firmwares. Here we will, learn to flash Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with either leaked, custom ROM or Official release.


Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S i9000
  • Latest Samsung Kies or Device drivers installed.
  • ODIN 3 version 1.0 (flash program)
  • Upgrade Firmware upgrade File (.tar) can be downloaded from Samsung-Firmware
  • PIT file (the boot file of the phone generally called 512.pit) which will be included in upgrade file.
  • USB cable
  1. Remove the battery, SIM card and MicroSD card from your phone
  2. Reinsert the battery
  3. Push the Home + Volume Down buttons and press the Power On button
  4. After the download screen appears, open Odin 3 v1.0 (preferably “Run as Administrator”)
  5. Browse the PIT file from extracted firmware upgrade, Press on the PIT button and load the “s1_odin_20100512.pit” file.
  6. In PDA, browse the TAR file which is the main file requirement, Press on the PDA button and load the “I9000XXJP2-REV03-PDA-CL464213.tar” inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.
  7. Click on the PHONE button and load the “MODEM_I9000XXJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2
  8. RAR file.
  9. Optionally if there is any file with CSC in it, browse and select it, Click on the CSC button and load the “GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.
  10. Click on the “Re-Partition” checkbox
  11. Switch off Phone and remove SD Card (if any) and SIM.
  12. Connect with USB, With a USB cable, connect your Galaxy S to your PC
  13. Set USB Debugging On (System > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.)
  14. Hold Volume down + Home Key + Power button till the phone boots in “Download mode”.
  15. Press on the Start button in Odin and soon, your Galaxy S will be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo, press Start button on Odin program window after it detects ID:COM
  16. Phone will reboot again and whoa! your Phone is flashed with latest firmware.

Take Backup of Contacts, Messages and Calender events and Apps before proceeding as it will erase all data in ROM.
I have flashed my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with official leaked ROM using the following procedure and it worked fine on Windows 7.
We are not responsible if you accidentally brick your phone.

Odin 3 v1.0

Note : *password: